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By Jonathan Friedlaender, as told to Joanna Radin

June 20, 2012


Joanna Radin recently interviewed me about my career as part of her dissertation research in the history of science. Because a number of people were enthusiastic about the resulting transcript, we decided to publish a revised version as an illustrated book (see the slide show and “look inside” at the bottom of this website).

Mike Little, a Distinguished Professor at Binghamton, who has become an authority on the history of biological anthropology, has written a lovely Foreword as well. Here are some excerpts.

Jonathan Friedlaender has devoted much of his professional life to studies of human population variation in Pacific Islanders… His collaborator on this memoir of his life and experiences in the Pacific is Joanna Radin, a young but remarkably knowledgeable historian of science currently conducting graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. These two professionals weave a fascinating fabric of complex texture that incorporates the educational, political, governmental, and research climate of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with the trials and tribulations of a young researcher and academic trying to make his way in a highly competitive arena. [This] is a history of an important era in the development of anthropological genetics and the dramatic transition in this science that took place in the early 1980s. Friedlaender’s book should have appeal to a number of audiences – students, professional anthropologists, and lay readers, alike…  Jonathan Friedlaender’s Reflections is a valuable addition to the historical record of this important science. This is a worthwhile book to read for anyone with interests in the history of science or the history of a science.

Here’s a slide show of fieldwork pictures through the years. A number are included in the book in black and white. For explanations, click on “Slide Show” or “from jfriedla on Flickr”, then once in Flickr click on the “Slideshow” logo towards the upper right. It will be a full-screen presentation with “Show Info” (the explanations) in the upper right.

Here’s the “Look Inside The Book” with excerpts (the Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, and Postscript). To view the pages as a book, click on “full screen,” then on the following screen go to the “View mode” button and specify “book”, and at the bottom you will be able to leaf through the 11 pages by clicking the forward and back arrows at the bottom.

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On the right column of this website, under our mugshots, you’ll find a link to the iUniverse bookstore if you’re interested in purchasing our book or recommending it to your library. It’s 280 pages with 37 illustrations. The hardback is $29.95, the paperback is $19.95, and the eBook download is $6.00. Besides, it is also now available on and Barnes and, as well as other web book outlets.

Royalties will be donated to the library fund of the Papua New Guinea Institute for Medical Research in Goroka.

I’ve also put in links  on the right to a few of our more significant recent publications (free downloads).

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Jonathan Friedlaender

Hardback ISBN – 978-1-4401-8288
Papterback ISBN – 978-1-4401-7672